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Stork Airport Transfers

The Safest and Special Private Airport Transfer Company in the Algarve

STORK Transfers aims to give our clients the best private transport service across the Algarve. Our goal is a very special and stress free transportation service, allowing customers to arrive their destination in the most safe and efficient way. Stork Transfers is proud to be the highest standart private airport transfer company, operating in the Algarve region, with the best value for money and a first position rating by costumer evaluation. More than just an airport transfer company we are the beginning of your memorable stay. Stork Transfers uses and avangarde tech system that allow us to track your vehicle, predicting traffic and other route problems so you can arrive your destination in na perfect and confident way.
9 Years experience; Large fleet of Vehicles; 4 and 8 passenger vehicles; 24/7 Helpdesk; English Speaking Staff and Drivers; Meet & Greet Airport Staff; Free Wifi onboard; Free Baby seats; Free Motorway use*; Free Luggage transportation; First Aid kits in all vehicles.
*Motorway is always used when required.
Stork Transfers provides private chauffeured transport throughout the Algarve, services to Lisbon, Alentejo and Southern Spain. We have a Helpdesk staff available during office hours and 24h Helpdesk line to give the best support to all our customers. There are no Hidden costs or extra charges and our clients trust us. We have a loyalty program that allow clients to win free trips and that is a way of say thank you to you, your loyalty towards our company and a way to ensure a better and more efficient service to all. If you wish the most reliable and excellence service throughout the Algarve you wish Stork Private Transfers.
If it’s SAFE and SPECIAL, It’s STORK!

Popular Destinations



Sky, sea, soft golden sand. Next, an ochre cliff crowned by the brilliant white of the houses. A view of Albufeira that stays in the minds of those who visit it. First and foremost, Albufeira is famed for its beaches, for the countless shades and tones of its rocks and cliffs. This is a place where people live to the rhythm of the great holiday destinations, sunbathing during the day and at sunset flocking to enjoy the restaurants, bars and discotheques that enliven the night-time hours.

Visit Albufeira



The blue ribbon of the river winding between rounded mountains covered with cistus plants; the white houses rising up the slopes of hills in the shape of an amphitheatre, crowned with the belfries of churches and the sombre bulk of a formidable castle; the elegant silhouettes of sailing boats anchored along the shore: impressions of Alcoutim that cannot fail to charm visitors, inviting them to wander its streets or while away a peaceful hour or two on a terrace by the water’s edge.

Visit Alcoutim



At the top of the hill, the castle ramparts, symbol of the long struggle between Christians and Moors; on the hills flanking the castle mound, known as “Degoladouro” and “Cabeças”, strange place names recalling the taking of the town from the Moors; and a cascade of white houses that almost tumble down the hillside towards the river: facets of the venerable town of Aljezur, which found a route to growth and a future on the hill on the other side of the river. Time spent in Aljezur municipality is thus an opportunity to rediscover peace and tranquillity, to experience a silence broken only by the singing of birds or the crash of waves on the rocks, and to savour the beauty of verdant fields, gentle slopes swathed in wild flowers and majestic cliffs with the pounding sea as backdrop.

Visit Aljezur



The picturesque town of Alvor, near Portimão, represents a connection between history, heritage and natural beauty. Taking a walk through the streets of Alvor is a true workout for your senses. Here, the Arab presence can be seen in many of the buildings or in the marabouts, as well as in the name itself: Alvor or Al-Bûr (as it was known). We invite you to walk up and down the streets in search of the best view over the houses and to one of the most impressive landscapes of the Algarve: the Ria de Alvor (Alvor Estuary).  In Alvor, the fishing boats contrast with the calmness of the salty air and the various shades of red in the sky at sunset.

Visit Alvor


Armação Pêra

Formerly a small fishing village, Armação de Pêra has now become one of the most popular resorts on the Algarve with every form of entertainment and recreation. In the old part of the city, the charm of the traditional squat fisherman’s houses has been preserved with the Beach just in front proving a favourite among sunbathers. The eastern area of the sand, still within the urban area, is known as Pescadores (Fisherman’s) Beach and is still used for the sale of fish, repairing nets and the suchlike.

Visit Armação de Pêra



Carvoeiro was once a fishing village and has now become a cosmopolitan tourist resort. It boasts a welcoming bay with calm waters. The cliffs around the beach form an amphitheatre, dotted with the brightly whitewashed village houses, taking advantage of the appearance that the passage of time has brought to the rocky wall to make this the municipality’s tourism hallmark. The brightly coloured fishing boats that share the sands with the beachgoers put to sea not only to catch fish but also to take tourists to visit the sea caves and unspoiled beaches that are inaccessible by land.

Visit Carvoeiro


Castro Marim

The elegant outline of flamingos. The dusty gold of soft sand, the turquoise blue of warm waters. Vast ranges of hills covered in a bright carpet of wild flowers. The tranquil countryside along the banks of the Guadiana, lush with orchards and vegetable gardens. These are just a few facets of a municipality that stretches from the sea to tile hinterland, with a river as its boundary.

Visit Castro Marim



Faro’s beaches and the Ria Formosa, where flamingos can be seen taking to the air, mark the border with the sea. The walls that surrounded the town in Moorish and medieval times; the vestiges of the past still to be seen in churches and museums; the refreshing green of a garden beside the Ria and the sea; the outline of noble residences that bear witness to Faro’s splendour in centuries past; narrow streets of whitewashed houses that recall the town’s Moorish heritage: these are among the sights to be savoured on a walk around Faro, a city where there is lots to see, to enjoy and to remember.

Visit Faro



With its white houses reaching down to the banks of the Arade river, Ferragudo is a picturesque fishing village located opposite Portimão with which it once shared responsibility for defending this stretch of coastline. This was secured by fortresses on either side that could establish a crossfire to defend these settlements from any enemy naval attack.  Next to Ferragudo, the large expanse of sand does justice to its name, Praia Grande (Big Beach) and features excellent conditions for a range of nautical sports including schools for learning how to surf and windsurf.

Visit Ferragudo



The glowing gold of Baroque carving on church walls; battlements evocative of past conflicts; the presence of Prince Henry and the seafarers who unveiled the ocean’s first secrets at the helm of fragile caravels: all fascinating points of interest on an itinerary through a city proud of its history and the role it played in the voyages of exploration known as the Discoveries. Gigantic sculptures carved by the pounding waves that plunge into a crystal sea. The iridescent greens of sea caves. Beach after beach of soft sand tucked away between ochre cliffs or stretching clear to the horizon. Verdant countryside dotted with the white of houses. Just a few reasons for visiting Lagos municipality and discovering one of the most attractive parts of the Algarve.

Visit Lagos



“Green, how I love you green”. The poet could have been writing of the wooded slopes of Monchique, for after the heat of the Algarve’s beaches it is the coolness of the hills that is most striking. These are landscapes that are perfect for contemplation, for discovering horizons that end only in the sea. Monchique is best visited on foot. A walk through the steep streets of the town centre is rewarded with views of magnificent hills, glimpsed between houses, and moments of sunlit calm in unsuspected corners. It leaves a memory of a hill town with a history and character all of its own, and instils a strong desire to return.

Visit Monchique


Monte Gordo

Human occupation of this site dates back for many years, although for much of that time it was limited to fishing communities. Now the coloured fishing boats and fishing paraphernalia are to be found only on one section of the beach, the remainder having been taken over by restaurants, information and recreational facilities for beachgoers, and sports areas. Having been a pioneer in the Algarve’s history of tourism, Monte Gordo remains a major tourist centre to this day.

Visit Monte Gordo



The islands and the long stretches of beach that are an ideal spot for swimming and sunbathing. The fishermen’s quarter of old Olhão is a warren of narrow, twisting streets where it is easy to become disoriented, a succession of square-sided white houses whose windows and parapets are edged with bands of grey and blue. Close by are moored the brightly coloured boats after their return from work at sea. The morning bustle of the market by the water’s edge and the outdoor terraces where you can while away the time create a fascinating kaleidoscope of sensations for people strolling through the city, something not easily forgotten.

Visit Olhão



First the blue sea and its gently lapping waves. Then fine, golden sands framed by cliffs and rocks. The cosmopolitan atmosphere of an international tourism destination. This is the Algarve of beach holidays in the sun. A white church on a hilltop, the narrow streets of the old fishermen’s and tradesmen’s quarter: these are some of the aspects that define the character of this centuries-old city, as well as the presence of the sea and the immense beach of Praia da Rocha.

Visit Portimão



Modern, lively and sophisticated, Vilamoura has developed around its marina, and is today one of the largest leisure resorts in Europe. Excellent hotels and tourist villages, and golf courses of international repute offer a complete package for those looking to spend some relaxing days by the sea. The marina, the largest in the country with 1300 berths, is the main hub of entertainment, not only for those who arrive by boat, but for everyone spending a holiday in the area and who come here in the late afternoon or evening to enjoy an ice cream or dinner. It’s also the right place for shopping, with a wide range from local craft stores to the most prestigious international brands. As for the nightlife, there are many bars and clubs with the best DJs and the Vilamoura Casino promises to really get the adrenaline running. 

Visit Vilamoura



The dark red of mighty castle walls that loom over the city and the surrounding countryside; the interplay of stone and light in the architecture of a Gothic church; reminders of the Moorish presence in the city’s history; streets of white houses that reflect the sun and the blue sky: herein lies the appeal of Silves, where the past merges with the present to make every visit an enduring memory.

Visit Silves



Beautiful empty beaches with sands that seem to go on forever. Fields of orange trees, heavy with the scent of blossom. Then hills of fig and almond trees and houses with dazzling whitewashed walls and distinctive chimneys decorated to resemble the fine tracery of lace. The castle and the bell-towers of a multitude of churches; the river like a mirror reflecting houses and gardens; the distinctive outline of roofs in the local “tesoura” (scissor) style; broad vistas of sea and sand: these are among the charms of Tavira, a city of art and history and an essential port of call on any cultural tour of the Algarve.

Visit Tavira


Vila do Bispo

The mythical atmosphere surrounding Sagres and Cabo de São Vicente (Cape St. Vincent), places dedicated to the gods for thousands of years. The unspoilt coastline, with its dramatic horizons of cliffs and sea; the many menhirs that bear witness to prehistoric rites; memories of the epic of the Discoveries and the enigmatic figure of Prince Henry the Navigator: such are the attractions of Vila do Bispo and its municipality, a vast triangle where the sea is a constant presence. And where nature combines with history to create a unique region that is well worth getting to know.

Visit Vila do Bispo


Quinta do Lago

From isolated farmstead to one of Europe’s most exclusive destinations, Quinta do Lago has a fascinating tale to tell. The story of Quinta do Lago reveals how the creation of a destination can rest in the hands of just one man. This man was property developer André Jordan, and it was his vision, that secured the future of the Algarve’s leading resort. “Sometimes when you look at a property you have an instant view of what you are going to do. There was no road access to Quinta do Lago, so I had to drive along trails and through pine woods until I came to a high point overlooking it, with the ocean on the horizon. Within 10 minutes I had the concept for the whole project in my mind. I wanted to create a high-quality resort that reflected local character and style.”

Visit Quinta do Lago


Vale do Lobo

Vale do Lobo is the largest luxury resort of its kind in Portugal operated by the same company, and for more the 50 years the self-contained resort in the Algarve has been a reference of excellence for both property owners and visitors. Vale do Lobo aims to be the ultimate year round family destination and offers a wide range of facilities and amenities to appeal to every member of the family in a safe, secure and welcoming environment.

Visit Vale do Lobo

Stork FAQ

Once you complete your booking, the details are sent electronically, we'll make the appropriate arrangements according to the information input on the booking. You'll receive a confirmation voucher in your e-mail, print it and deliver it to the driver at the airport. The supplier cannot be held responsible for errors in service due to incorrect information provided at the time of booking. It is your responsibility to check the details of your booking on the voucher prior to travel and inform us as soon as possible if there are any errors.

A single price will include a one-way journey for the route booked. A return price includes both the arrival and departure journeys for the route booked. Child seats and boosters are included if children/infants are specified in your booking.

All children count in all vehicles as they take up a seat. In all destinations you are able to request infant and/or booster seats. Please enquire at time of booking. However, it is recommend parents to take their own child seats to ensure adequate safety and comfort and as with any car rental policy, it is parents responsibility to fit these seats.

After collecting your luggage (if applied) pass through customs. You will find ``Café Delta Sua Vida´´ in front of you, turn left and pass by all the tour operator desks till you reach "Café Central" on your right hand side. Your driver is waiting in front of ``Café Central´´ with a ``STORK Transfers´´ sign with your name on it. Your driver will take you to the transport, and drive you to your destination. If you are struggling to find our driver, please call one of the telephone numbers provided on your e-mail confirmation. Please turn your mobile phone on as soon as you exit the aircraft, as we may be trying to contact you regarding your transfer. We will not be held responsible for missed transfers when we cannot reach the client with the contact information provided by the client.

The booking procedure will automatically calculate your collection time for the departure. The system will calculate the journey to the airport plus 2 hours to allow for any check in procedure. If you want to change your pick-up time you should call us within office hours at least 24-48 hours prior to departure. We reserve the right to alter pick up times according to local needs. We cannot be held responsible for missed pickups due to clients not travelling with their booking voucher which contains the relevant information to enable you to call to reconfirm your booking.

We monitor the flight arrival times and will arrange your transport to collect you at the new time. We will wait approx. 1 hour after your landing time in Faro. If there is a problem with your luggage, as long you notify us by sending a member of your group to meet us in the arrival hall, we will be happy to wait until the problem is resolved. If you are travelling alone please let us know by calling the number provided on your paperwork.

Our company is authorised by the Portuguese government and legally registered with full comprehensive insurance Cover. Beware of unlicensed and uninsured transfer. These companies or individuals may be cheaper, but will they be safe and reliable? Remember your life is in their hands.

100% Protection
Did you know that with Stork you are fully insurance protected?

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Customer Service


Do you need help to book your transfer? Have any question regarding our service? Please feel the form, we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

Stork Transfers is proud to comply with the recommendations of the DGS ( Directorate-General of Health ) in order to guarantee the safety of everyone, avoiding the contamination with Covid19

Here at Stork the safety of our customers and staff is very important. All drivers are aware of their responsibility, for this reason they all use safe masks while driving, they measure their temperature twice a day and clean their hands regularly.

All vehicles are sanitized with an adequate product ( alcoholic solution ) to avoid contamination after each transfer. we have available to our customers the solution to disinfect their hands as well as masks , if necessary.